Digital Microscopy

Transmitted light microscopy

Pannoramic Viewer - The main software part of the virtual microscope is Pannoramic Viewer which not only enables you to view the sample but also to make annotations, measurements etc. Its functionality can be easily expanded through its various software modules.

Quantitative microscopy

One of the main advantages of digital slides is that you can perform computer-assisted image analysis on them. Unlike the ’real’ pathologist, the software algorithm always gives objective and consistent results and does it fast. But instead of making the pathologist superfluous, the image analysis software applications provide a consis-tent standard for them, thus helping to make diagnosis better and easier.

Fluorescence Microscopy

FISHQuant is able to score your digital slides with FISH probes on them. Select the appropriate probe from the built-in repository, select the channels you want to use and start classifying the cell nuclei based on the FISH spots.

3D microscopy

3DView - Software for reconstruction, visualization and analysis of three-dimensional histology data. Microscope slides allow you to see one section of reality. Even with Z-stack or Extended focus, you are still constrained to that one section only. 3DHISTECH offers you a tool that can reconstruct the original tissue from its serial sections. Unlike MRI, the 3DView software lets you look into microscopic details while also showing you the tissue in its original form.