Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence is where digital microscopy can truly shine. The quality of your fluorescent digital slides does not deteriorate over time which is a great advantage compared to traditional glass slides.
Imaging fluorescent samples in good quality is not easy, though. That is why line scanning technology cannot compete with area scanning utilized by Pannoramic digital slide scanners.

The Pannoramic MIDI, Pannoramic SCAN and Pannoramic 250 Flash scanners are capable of high quality brightfield and fluorescent scanning.

You need

High quality fluorescent scanning
3DHISTECH was the first company to introduce fluorescent whole slide imaging and continues to provide the best quality fluorescent digital slides. The fluorescent scanning technology used in all FL-capable Pannoramic digital slide scanners is continuously improved and remains  unsurpassed.
With up to 16-bit image depth, extended focus and Z-stack, scientific CMOS camera and solid state light engine option it is not surprising the Pannoramic is the No. 1 choice for anyone interested in fluorescent digital slide scanning.
Fluorescent whole slide imaging requires a greater degree of flexibility than brightfield scanning. Only area scanning used in Pannoramic digital slide scanners is able to fulfill these requirements. For instance, you can always have a live view to make sure the scanned image is good  quality. The digital slide scanners from 3DHISTECH offer the largest number of setup options and feature set on the market thus ensuring you can adapt to every sample.
New improvements in scanner hardware and software mean fluorescent scanning is 3 times faster than before. This further decreases the possibility of bleaching.
Sophisticated technologies used in Pannoramic digital slide scanners make it possible to scan FISH samples in great quality. All channels are handled and stored separately therefore you have all the spot information you need.
Pannoramic Viewer and FISHQuant

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