Pannoramic scanners

All the Pannoramic digital slide scanners feature the same optical system that won in the 40x image quality section at the 1st European Digital Slide Scanner Contest in 2010.

The Pannoramic family is the most comprehensive product range in digital slide scanners. From affordable single slide to high-speed 250-slide capacity, from high quality brightfield to versatile brightfield and fluorescence scanning in the same machine, you can be sure you will find the system that best suits your needs.

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From the gross picture to the surgical report 3DHISTECH offers solutions to the full process!

Pannoramic 250 FLASH

Pannoramic 250 Flash II

• 250 slide capacity
• Brightfield and 9-channel
fluorescent scanning
• Flash scanning technology
• Motorized objective changer
• Motorized camera changer


Pannoramic SCAN

Pannoramic SCAN

• 150 slide capacity
• Brightfield and 9-channel
fluorescent scanning
• Manual camera changer



Pannoramic MIDI

Pannoramic MIDI

• 12 slide capacity
• Brightfield and 9-channel
fluorescent scanning
• Wet slide compatible
• Manual camera changer



Pannoramic DESK

Pannoramic DESK

• 1 slide capacity
• Brightfield scanning
• Small footprint
• Silent operation



  Pannoramic DESK Pannoramic MIDI Pannoramic SCAN Pannoramic 250 Flash II
Slide capacity 1 12 150 250
Brightfield / fluorescence YES /  N/A YES   /  9-channel YES   /  9-channel YES   /  9-channel
Acceptable slide formats 1’’ x  3’’; 0,95 - 1,05 mm thickness 1’’ x 3’’; 0,9 - 1.2 mm thickness
Available brightfield magnification 28x, 45x, 90x 28x, 45x
Available fluorescence magnification N/A

20x, 32x, 64x

Barcode reading

1D and 2D
Brightfield camera 1CCD, 3CCD 3CCD
Fluorescence camera N/A Monochrome CCD, Monochrome sCMOS Monochrome sCMOS
Brightfield illumination HAL, 5W 6W strobe light
Fluorescence illumination N/A

Metal halide 120W, solid state light engine

Solid state light engine

Brightfield scanningspeed, 15 x 15 mm 1 cm2 / min at 28x 1 cm2/ min at 45x
Digital slideformat MRXS, JPG & JPG 2000 encoding
W x D x H (cm) 27 x 25 x 30 70 x 50 x 50 74 x 45 x 53 68 x 70 x 55
Weight (kg) 10 20 25 46

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