Pannoramic MIDI

Pannoramic MIDI II


The Pannoramic MIDI II is an automatic digital slide scanner with a remarkable feature set at an affordable price: 12-slide capacity, fluorescence scanning, and many more.


The Pannoramic MIDI II scans automatically up to 12 slides in one run. Its innovative loading mechanism loads and unloads the slides, detects the sample and digitizes it in perfect quality.

The Pannoramic MIDI II supports fluorescence scanning (optional). It can digitize your fluorescent samples in 9 different fluorescence channels.

The Pannoramic MIDI II supports the best Carl Zeiss objectives, thus achieving up to 43x or 86x resolution.

The Pannoramic MIDI II is a reliable digital slide scanner for the medium-sized laboratory. Its superior image quality and features in brightfield and fluorescence make it the right choice for research purposes.

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