Scanning service

Integration system


• Preparation Tools to the perfect getting up process
• Tissue Microarray Systems 
• Digital Slide Scanners
• and more...


Software and modules

In digital microscopy, hardware is not enough: you need the software in order to profit from the extended functionality. With digital microscopy you can do so much more if you have the software applications for it.
3DHISTECH offers a full range of software applications for the effective pathology workflow.



PathoNet is a virtual meeting place for pathologists from all over the world. They can use it as a virtual pathology laboratory in which they can exchange their views on their cases. Join us and share your experience! Special or rare cases maybe very useful in the diagnostic practice.

Slide Scanning Service

Simply send us your glass slides with the completed order form and in a few days you will get them back along with the high resolution and extra quality virtual slides. You can have the virtual slides on CD / DVD or you can have it stored on our PathoNet website.


Integration Services

• Each integration is a project in itself
• Work together with Hospital/University HIS/LIS vendor