Slide Scanning Service

Have you ever wondered how your glass slides would look like on the monitor of your PC?
Do you want to work with virtual slides but you cannot afford to buy a digital slide scanner?

3DHISTECH Ltd starts its scanning service for you! Simply send us your glass slides with the completed order form and in a few days you will get them back along with the high resolution and extra quality virtual slides. You can have the virtual slides on CD / DVD or you can have it stored on our PathoNet website.
What is more: our scanners can digitize your fluorescent slides, too*!

3DHISTECH offers the scanning service at very affordable prices.
Give it a try and see for yourself the quality 3DHISTECH offers to you.

* Please note that fluorescent scanning can take more time if we do not have the appropriate fluorescent filters yet.

Scanning service order form (PDF)

Price (EUR / slide)   1-10 11-20 21-50 51-100
Brightfield, 20x objective   25 20 15 10
Brightfield, 40x objective   40 32 24 16
Fluorescent, 20x objective   150 -- -- --
Fluorescent, 40x objective   200 -- -- --
Confocal scanning   450 -- -- --
TMA*   + 10 + 9 + 7 + 6
Monthly hosting fee of slides on Pathonet**   10 10 10 10


Please note that:
*TMA scanning comes as an extra to the price of the slide (e.g. the scanning of one brightfield TMA slide with 20x objective costs 25+10=35 EUR).

**If you wish to have your virtual slides on the Internet, the first month is for free.