The way forward for pathology is digital. Working with digital slides instead of glass slides enables you to diagnose faster, easier and in better quality, which could lead to a faster healing process.

3DHISTECH is one of the pioneers in digital pathology, developing and manufacturing digital slide scanners, software applications for the digital slides and other products, including tissue microarray machinery – supporting not only routine pathology but also medical and pharmaceutical research as well as medical education.


Our Mission

3DHISTECH is dedicated to providing clinical pathologists, researchers and universities with digital pathology solutions to facilitate quick and accurate diagnostics, supporting medical discoveries and fostering education.

Our long-term goal is to fully digitalize the traditional pathology workflow, so that it can adapt to the ever growing demands of healthcare today, significantly reducing diagnostic time and optimizing routine diagnostics and developments in cancer research.


What differentiates us from competition is our exclusive focus on digital pathology: our human and financial resources are all committed to the single goal of continuously developing digital pathology solutions.

3DHISTECH is the proud winner of several image quality and scanner speed awards at International Scanner Contests. Read about our Awards here and our Quality Management System here.






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