Pannoramic 250 Flash III

The Pannoramic 250 Flash series digital scanners have been an ideal solution for digital pathology since their introduction in 2011. The Pannoramic 250 Flash III  featuring new, faster scanning technology with the award-winning Pannoramic image quality is the ultimate scanning solution that easily meets your needs, from high quality to high capacity.

3DHISTECH is continuously developing and improving the performance of its Pannoramic products to remain the fastest whole slide scanner available on the market.

The Pannoramic 250 Flash III has won the 2012 International Scanner Contest in the following categories:
                                                            Scanning speed, 20x
                                                            Scanning speed, 40x
                                                            Image quality 40x


The benefits of using Pannoramic Digital Slide Scanners



NEW! Faster scanning
The Hyper speed Flash III technology offers 2X FASTER scanning speed in bright-field operation than Flash II and 4X faster scanning speed in bright-field operation than Flash I.

Dual Mode bright-field and fluorescent scanning operation (All-in-One scanning).

250 slide capacity & continuous loading with vertical slide arrangement, easy to access slides in unloaded slide holder magazines, no need to stop the scanning process in case of magazine changes and magazine unload, just keep on loading and unloading your slides into the system as they come!

Motorized objective changer (20x and 40x) and camera changer (BF and FL camera).


FISH scanning
Multi-layer scanning with perfect co-localization.


You can load up to 250 slides into the Pannoramic 250 Flash III. A cover makes sure that no ambient light is shed upon your slides. The reworked slide loader allows for slides ranging from 0,9 mm to 1.2 mm of thickness. With continuous loading there is no need to stop the scanning process: just keep on loading your slides into the system as they come!

Very high stability in time over the life time, sub millisecond switching times. Directly mounted on the scanner for maximum light coupling, digital image is recorded with continuous slide moving by flashing the stroboscope light source in repetitive rhythm under perfect synchronizing.


Minimized bleaching
Camera directly turns light on for exposure time only.


Flash scanning technology
Experience more than twice as fast scanning compared to the first series of Pannoramic scanners (SCAN, MIDI and DESK) while containing the same industry-best image quality.


Motorized objective and camera changer
Now you can have two high quality Zeiss Plan-Apochromat objectives in the scanner and also a camera for brightfield and one for fluorescence which you can change with a mouse click. The Pannoramic 250 Flash III can achieve up to 45x resolution in brightfield and up to 63x resolution in fluorescence.





New illumination system, new monochrome camera and darkfield preview elevate fluorescent scanning to a new level. Like in other Pannoramic digital slide scanners, you can use up to 9 different filters, including multi-band filters.

Exceptional image quality both in bright-field and up to 9-channel fluorescent scanning. Up to 80x bright-field and 60x fluorescent magnification by default, all available within the same instrument, coupled with advanced FISH scanning technique.

The Pannoramic 250 Flash III is the ultimate choice for large medical institutions looking for high-throughput and high-quality scanning solution in brightfield and fluorescence.

The 3DHISTECH software product portfolio is the most comprehensive one on the market. Whether it is tissue microarrays, IHC stainings, quantitative measurements, teaching application and more, 3DHISTECH offers solutions for your professional work.


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