Pannoramic Digital Slide Scanners

All Pannoramic digital slide scanners feature the optical system that won in the 40x image quality section at the 1st European Digital Slide Scanner Contest in 2010.

The Pannoramic family is the most comprehensive product range in digital slide scanners. From affordable single-slide to high-speed 1000-slide capacity, from high-quality brightfield to versatile brightfield and fluorescence scanning in the same machine, Pannoramic scanners (with new, user-friendly software) offer a scanning solution tailored to any need - from routine clinical pathology to pharmaceutical or medical research.

3DHISTECH offers solutions to the full process - from the gross picture to the surgical report.

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The benefits of using Pannoramic Digital Slide Scanners


Pannoramic 1000

• 1000 slide capacity
• Brightfield scanning
• Flash scanning technology
• Motorized objective changer
• Motorized camera changer




Pannoramic SCAN II

• 150 slide capacity
• Brightfield and 9-channel
fluorescent scanning
• Manual camera changer


Pannoramic 250 Flash III

• 250 slide capacity
• Brightfield and 9-channel
fluorescent scanning
• Flash scanning technology
• Motorized objective changer
• Motorized camera changer


Pannoramic MIDI II

• 12 slide capacity
• Brightfield and 9-channel
fluorescent scanning
• Wet slide compatible
• Manual camera changer



Pannoramic Confocal

• Innovative structured illumination confocal imaging to overcome the limitations of spinning pinhole-disc techniques. This delivers the highest light efficiency with minimal bleaching and fastest scanning speed.

The benefits of using Pannoramic Confocal

Pannoramic DESK II DW

• New 5 MP CMOS image recording components
• New multichannel LED brightfield light source
• New X-Y-Z stage design capable of load double-width (DW) slides
• Upgraded computer resources


Pannoramic Software 2.0


Thanks to its new software architecture and advanced program features, Pannoramic Scanner Software 2.0 offers users of Pannoramic Desk, Midi, Scan, 250 and Confocal live teleconsultation, more flexibility and increased convenience. (The latest available version is 2.0.5.)


New Features


New software architecture

The software architecture has been simplified to offer two scanner modes (instead of four in the previous version):

  • Microscope mode enabling easy switching between brightfield and fluorescence mode. There is no need to exit the program to switch the illumination mode.
  • Scanning Planner mode with pre-assignment of scanning profiles to each slide - including mixed fluorescence and brightfield scan in one scanning batch process.
  • (Additionally, a Service mode icon is displayed on the start screen for maintenance only.)


The software has three separate installation modes:

  • Full version: a scanner is necessary for installation
  • Simulator version (for training purposes): no scanner is necessary
  • Lite version (for live teleconsultation purposes): no scanner is necessary


Customizable User Interface

  • Four desktop themes are available: Dark Black Jelly, Light Black Jelly, Dark Flat and Light Flat
  • Three separate views for Scanning Planner mode
  • Separate preview window (with dual-monitor configuration)


Flexible scanning logistics

  • Emergency/urgent slide function
  • One-click restoration of previous scanner settings
  • Anonymous slide function for research laboratories


Full Windows 10 Compatibility


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