Solutions for Research

Image quality, versatility and a number of useful features – this is what researchers are looking at when evaluating digital pathology solutions for their laboratories.

3DHISTECH offers versatile solutions for several research applications, including cancer research. pharmaceutical research, developmental histology, neuroscience, biobanking and many more. PANNORAMIC slide scanners provide high-quality brightfield and fluorescence scanning, including confocal scanning in unprecedented image quality. Fully automated, high-speed tissue microarrayers by 3DHISTECH are widely used by research institutes and biobanks to validate biomarkers or antibodies as well as to save on reagents.

Hardware is complemented by versatile software such as the CaseViewer state-of-the-art slide viewing application, the QuantCenter quantification modules for digital image analysis, the CaseCenter server-based slide management and storage solution as well as the TMA Module tissue microarray software ideal for TMA spot detection and analysis.

TMA Module

Up to a couple hundreds of samples can be fitted on a single slide and all these samples are stained at the same time.

TMA Master II

TMA Master II is the smallest fully automated tissue microarrayer at the market, it easily fits on any laboratory bench.
TMA Master II

Pannoramic Confocal

Your immunofluorescent samples will appear on your screen in unprecedented quality
Pannoramic Confocal


CaseViewer is designed for supporting histopathological diagnostic workflow

TMA Grand Master

The TMA Grand Master is the fastest, highest capacity and most user friendly tissue microarrayer on the market.
TMA Grand Master II


QuantCenter is the framework for 3DHISTECH image analysis applications