TMA Control software

The TMA Control software is the perfect solution for TMA block design and creation.

The TMA Control software is designed to operate and control both 3DHISTECH tissue microarrayers (TMA Grand Master, TMA Master). The TMA Control software offers a clean and intuitive graphical user interface designed to increase productivity and to decrease operator fatigue during the TMA workflow.

By using the TMA control software the operator can easily design the recipient block layout. The tissue core selection is also computer assisted, the user can select the relevant tissue cores from the donor block image. If needed, the pathologist can overlap a previously annotated slide image with the donor block image by using the automated Digital Slide Overlay functionality.

During the coring process the software automatically records which tissue core went to which recipient block position. At the end of the workflow, this TMA data could be exported in Excel file format, and will be an invaluable resource of information during the TMA slide analysis by TMA Module  software.


Main features

  • Project based workflow
  • Recipient Block layout designer
  • Ability to  import Donor Block ID and additional sample data from Excel file
  • Barcode based donor block identification
  • Digital image enhancement for recipient and donor block images as well
  • Automated Digital Slide search from CaseCenter or local drive
  • Automated Digital Slide Overlay with TMA markers from the Viewer software
  • Support for TMA core markers generated by CaseViewer 2.0 . The “Annotation Name” and “Comment” records added to any TMA core marker will be included in the TMA export database.
  • Ability to place tissue cores in a clean PCR tube. These samples could be used for later molecular analysis.
  • Automated saving of TMA data
  • Advanced and customizable export tool: export TMA data with Donor Block images
  • Language localization


TMA Control system requirements

  • Recomended operating system: Windows® 7/10 Professional SP1 EN, X64
  • Recommended PC: Intel® Core™ i5-4570 Quad-Core, 3.2 GHz, 2GB RAM
  • Disk space: 500 GB
  • Recommended monitor: FullHD (1920×1080)

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