TMA Master II

TMA Master II is the smallest fully automated tissue microarrayer at the market, it easily fits on any laboratory bench.

TMA Master II is the newest member of 3DHISTECH’s TMA product family. This new generation device is based in our well known TMA Master tissue microarrayer and has numerous hardware and software improvements inspired by our flagship device, TMA Grand Master. To learn more about the new hardware features and about their benefits please read the TMA Master II New Product Announcement.

TMA Master II is a robust and reliable computer controlled instrument for creating tissue microarray (TMA) blocks. Our product is an ideal solution for smaller laboratories, it can help to save reagent, slides, time, workforce and money. By using TMA Master II you can easily and quickly create TMA blocks with great precision, of 0.6, 1, 1.5 and 2 mm diameter tissue cores. Optionally, the instrument can extract tissue samples to standard 0.2 ml PCR tubes. The extracted tissue samples could be used later for various applications at the field of molecular pathology.

TMA Master II prepares TMA blocks from biological specimens and samples of human or animal tissues. Typical applications include, but are not limited to the following:

• Laboratories at hospitals and clinics
• Pathology departments at hospitals and clinics
• Biobanks
• Research centres, in particular cancer research centres
• Pharmaceutical companies
• Toxico-pathological laboratories

TMA Master II is controlled by the latest version of the TMA Control software. This software is the best solution for TMA block design and creation. It has advanced features for layout design and tissue core selection. A fully automated tool for overlapping an annotated digital slide with the donor block image helps the precise core selection.  During the TMA project the software saves automatically all the TMA data, which will be an invaluable resource of information during the TMA slide analysis by TMA Module software.

This easy to use device is one of the most advanced tissue microarrayer on the market with an impressive feature set.


Main Features

• Fully automated control
• Fast operation
• New strong TMA Grand Master type motors and tools
• Automated tool size measurement for more precise operation
• Automated block height measurement for better TMA block quality
• New high resolution camera for donor block imaging
• Custom recipient block design and production
• Ability to create up to 4 identical TMA blocks
• Digital Slide overlay for more precise tissue core (sample) selection
• New PCR Casette with 4 PCR tube capacity
• Sample extraction for molecular analysis




Capacity,blocks (Recipient and/or Donor) 5
Core diameter, mm 0.6, 1, 1.5, 2
Maximum number of cores

558 (0.6 mm), 286 (1 mm),
135 (1.5 mm), 84 (2 mm)

Speed, core/hour 200-250
Donor block image recording Yes
Use of MRXS digital slide and/or JPEG digital image for sample designation Yes
Barcode reading 1D and 2D
Data export XLS
Dimensions, cm (W x D x H) 38 x 24 x 29
Weight, kgs 8

Product Announcement

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