Why Adopt Digital Pathology?

Apart from the obvious patient benefits such as shorter waiting times, increased precision of diagnosis and faster treatments, there are a number of benefits for the hospital that can be relatively easily quantified.

Increased pathologist efficiency

Pathologists will be able to work faster and more efficiently using digital pathology tools. Also, internal consultations are easier and faster thanks to screen sharing. These benefits result in a faster and more efficient pathology workflow.


Savings in external consultations

Sharing digital slides remotely with other specialists results in shorter turnaround times for external consultations, while the transportation costs of glass slides as well as the risk of the breakage or loss of glass slides is completely eliminated.


Reduced cost of internal handling of glass slides

Adopting digital pathology will lead to a significant reduction in glass slide management and administration for administrative staff. Glass slides will no longer need to be sorted and handed to pathologists, and previous cases will not need to be fetched from the glass slide archive.


Laboratory and office space savings

Digital pathology also means that pathologists will have the opportunity for remote work, which may in turn result in laboratory and office space savings.